Spenser Jones

Senior Application Developer & System Administrator

  Who I Am

Name   Spenser Jones
Home Base   Calgary, AB, Canada
Years of Experience   Nine
Preferred Operating System   Ubuntu 14.04 with Gnome 3
Preferred Software   Tmux + Zsh + Vim

  Get In Touch

Portfolio   spenserj.com
Skype   SpenserJones
Mail   hello@spenserj.com
Phone   403-975-9017
Online Resume   labs.spenserj.com/resume
GitHub   github.com/spenserj

What I do

I develop integrations that reduce the amount of time it takes for your team to complete their next task;
systems that allow clients to enter information accurately, without complicated processes and delays.

I see how life can run more smoothly, and how we can emphasize the things that truly matter.


PHP ••••••••••
NodeJS •••••••• ••
React ••••••• •••
C# •••••••• ••
Comprehension of new languages ••••••••••
Linux Administration •••••••••
Webserver Configuration ••••••••••
Security •••••••••
Web Design •••••• ••••
Self-driven learning •••••••••

Spenser Jones

Senior Application Developer & System Administrator



  • Synchronization of various authentication servers
  • Deployment of Staging/Production servers via Chef
  • Automatic notification and recovery for failed servers


  • IPTables configuration with Fail2Ban integration and Abuse department reporting
  • Web, Database, and Authentication system hardening
  • Penetration testing and exploit detection


  • Extend software via Modules and Core contribution
  • Utilize the optimal platform for project specifications
  • Seamless integration between systems across diverse OS/Software stacks


  • Clean and well defined elements based on importance
  • Responsive designs that scale to the DPI of each device
  • Optimal performance through modern technology, with support for previous iterations of software and hardware

Spenser Jones

Senior Application Developer & System Administrator