Spenser Jones

Senior Application Developer & SRE

  Who I Am

Home Base   Calgary, AB, Canada
Years of Experience  
Preferred Operating System   Linux Mint with i3wm
Preferred IDE   Tmux + Zsh + Neovim

  Get In Touch

Mail   hello@spenserj.com
Phone   403-975-9017
Blog   spenserj.com
Online Resume   labs.spenserj.com/resume
GitHub   github.com/spenserj

What I do

I develop solutions that improve performance and empower my team;
systems that meet the needs of my company, without complicated processes and delays.

I see how life can run more smoothly, and how we can emphasize the things that truly matter.


Senior Development Node.JS, React, Redux, SocketCluster, C#, Kafka, PHP
Intermediate Development Go, Python, Ruby, AngularJS
Development Tooling Git, Webpack, Babel, Gulp, ESLint, Jenkins, JIRA
Server Management & Deployment Ansible, Puppet, Vagrant, KVM, Hyper-V, ESXi, Docker
Operating Systems Debian/Ubuntu, RHEL/CentOS, & Windows Server 2008-2016
Webservers Nginx, Apache, HAProxy, Varnish, IIS

Spenser Jones

Senior Application Developer & System Administrator



  • Embrace learning and team growth
  • Develop lunch-and-learn sessions for knowledge sharing
  • Balance feature requests with stability improvements


  • Firewall and IDS configuration and alerting
  • Web, Database, and Authentication system hardening
  • Penetration testing and exploit detection


  • Architect highly-available realtime services
  • Utilize the optimal platform for project specifications
  • Seamless integration between systems across diverse OS/Software stacks
  • CI/CD systems for immediate testing and code coverage


  • Idempotent server deployments and updates through Configuration Management tooling
  • Automate releases through environment pipeline ensuring problems are detected early
  • Clustered, highly-available stacks for optimal reliability and no-downtime code deployments

Spenser Jones

Senior Application Developer & System Administrator